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About us

Company Atomization Pilot Plant

Ceit, a reference in Advanced Manufacturing:

• Almost 30 years of experience in PM

• Offering customized powders

• Center of excellence accredited by CDTI

Almost 40 years working withg powders

  • More than 100 experimental atomizations per year

  • Atomizations with the most diverse materials (ferrous master alloys, stainless, refractory steels, structural steels, superalloys, etc.)

  • Playing a direct role in the creation of the Aubert&Duval plant in Irun, the only industrial gas atomization facility in Spain

Clients and partners

We have collaborated with some of the most well-known companies in Powder Metallurgy

W. DiamantStadlerStadler



Ceit's experts in atomization have done research for a number of different projects that have become in important milestones in the way to improving powder metallurgy and atomization techniques.

nanotune 3d

Nanotun3D: a European Project which takes advantage of the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing (AM) together with the development of a specially tailored Ti- based nano-additive material to achieve dramatic improvements in structural parts in the aerospace, mobility, and equipment sectors.


CEFAM: CDTI’s Cervera Network. Each of participating research centers has been named a Cervera Center of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing technology.


Neohire: the main objective is to reduce the use of rare earth elements (REE), as well as Co and Ga (CRM), in the permanent magnets used in wind turbine generators (WTG). This objective is mainly achieved through the development of: 

a) a new concept of bonded NdFeB magnet able to substitute the present state-of-the-art sintered magnets for WT, and

b) new techniques for recycling the CRM from future and current permanent magnets (PM) wastes.


Ceit has a large number of publications in the field of atomization. Our experts frequently contribute to specialized media, showing the conclusions of their research work.