Nested Applications


Nested Applications


Advanced Manufacturing Advantages:

  • Increased production

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Making A more flexible process

  • Integration: augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, cybersecurity, robotics, etc.




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Customized service:

  • For powder producers

  • For powder users

  • For powder related projects


Support, Research & Development

Under the protection of confidentiality contracts, Ceit can support powder producers in the following ways:

  • Development of new products: Atomization facilities at Ceit allow experimental batches of 1.5 to 150 kg to be produced. We customize the powder in terms of PSD and composition to meet the requirements of the client. Powders are delivered with a report including the PSD (measured by laser diffraction) and chemical composition

  • ​Optimization of atomization conditions: The flexibility of the atomization units and workbenches at Ceit allow different die designs to be tested to measure basic flow characteristics and experimental atomizations to be performed under varying operating parameters (several gases, ratio of gas-to-metal mass flow rate ratio (GMR), melt superheats, etc.). In this way, it is possible to determine the optimum operating parameters for specific die designs.

  • Modeling of their atomization facilities: The modeling skills of Ceit’s staff can be used to simulate the gas flow in the client’s atomization unit, implementing the real geometry of the die, atomization chamber, exhaust and recirculation ducts, etc. Based on this information, Ceit can propose modifications in the geometry of the die or other elements of the installation to improve powder quality. These kinds of studies can be combined with experiments to optimize atomization conditions or develop new products, as described above.

Ceit maintains a research program to develop a basic understanding of the atomization process, combining modelling with experimental work. In order to develop the technology, Ceit participates in different European, national and local R&D programs.

As an R&D Partner, Ceit offers:

  • Development of new powders:

a.- Experimental batches of 1.5 to 150 kg.

b.- Powder testing: Chemical composition, PSD, apparent density, tap density, He pycnometry, microstructural analysis, particle shape assessment by SEM, Carney/Hall flowability tests, etc.

c.- Processing of powders:

- Heat treating

- Additive Manufacturing

- Compaction and sintering studies using different technologies (press & sinter, CIP, hot press, HIP, etc.)

- Final characterization (microstructural analysis, mechanical testing, etc.)

  • Improvement of atomization technologies beyond the state of the art: reducing particle size, increasing atomization yield for targeted fractions, minimizing powder contamination, enhancing cooling rates, improving particle size by removing satellites and agglomerates…